DJ Show Enhancements

At DJ Indiana, we offer a Build-Your-Own DJ setup to ensure that you aren’t spending money on things you don’t want or are outside of your budget.

Listed below are items you may want to consider.  Pricing depends on the DJ and their availability. Some of our clients just want the very best sound quality and will therefore add the sub-woofer system.  Others want lots of cool lighting effects.   No matter what it may be, we’re flexible.

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Beat Synchronized Uplighting

Works great for dance floor lighting and can be set to any single color you prefer for cocktail hours, dinners, and slow dance music.

Elegant Uplighting

Set the mood with the color of your choice! Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Pink, Purple, and More.

Not sure what color you want?  No problem, we can do match it for you.

Premium Sound Systems

If you are music connoisseur or just want the best possible sound quality for your guests, an extra amp with a high quality DJ sub-woofer system will do the trick.

Premium Dance Lighting

Nobody thinks about it, but have you ever noticed that the best bands and DJs you’ve every seen also offer a great light show. Our premium dance lighting packages consist of a “two tripod” or trussing lighting system with 6 or more lighting effects

Custom Monogram Projection

Project whatever you may want with your initials, company logo, or something totally different.  Visit for ideas.

Speaker for Adjacent Area

If you are in one of those facilities that has the main event inside, but a patio outside (or something of that nature).  We can provide a third speaker set to conversation level volume for that specific area.

Atmospheric Enhancers

Depending on the venue’s restrictions, we may or may not be able to provide fog, haze, or some other type of atmospheric enhancer to help make the dance lighting really look great.  Atmospheric enhancers help make the dance lighting look even better.