DJ Ryan

DJ Ryan Lewis is a Purdue DJ living in West Lafayette, IN on campus.  Ryan serves all of Northwest Indiana and Indianapolis. Ryan has experience in both sorority and fraternity events as well as quite a few weddings over the past 3 years.  Ryan learned how to DJ by helping out his father and uncle who are both in the DJ business in their respective home locations of Toledo, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana. View Ryan’s DJ Equipment and Options

As a Wedding DJ and MC

Ryan has personally DJ’d over 15 weddings on his own in the past couple of years.  He has perfected his DJ and MC skills while while working with his father who owns a DJ business in Toledo Ohio. Ryan’s will work hard to make sure your wedding is properly announced and organized from start to finish and will focus on playing the music that works best for the overall majority of the attendees. If you would like have DJ Ryan do your event or just check his availability, you may call DJ Brian (company owner) at 765-586-1368 or just request a quote online.

As a Purdue Fraternity Party DJ

Ryan is currently in a fraternity himself and knows the music that his fellow college students like the most.  He knows how to enhance a party with the best possible college party music which typically is a combination of the current Top 100 as well as the best party songs from the last 10 or 15 years.

DJ Ryan’s Autobiography

With a family full of DJs that stretch across the whole Midwest I have been raised and immersed in the DJ business and music in general helps to make my skills great since I entered the business. What I Like About Being a DJ  I love putting songs together and keep a flow of bpm and genre going throughout the night in order to get the most fun out of every person at the party. Most people leave my gigs feeling excited and exhausted due to how much they want to dance and how much of a good time they were having. I love all types of music which gives a great variety and adds to the ability to place the right song at the right time.

DJ Ryan's Equipment

Standard Audio Equipment

DJ Name’s Standard Audio Equipment

  • Speakers: VM Audio 3600 W 4-way Dual 12″ DJ Speakers w/ stands
  • Professional Mobile DJ Mixer: SSM-1850 DJ Mixer
  • Microphones: One wired mic and two wireless microphones
  • Digital Music Mixing Software: OTS
  • Speaker Stands: Ultimate
  • Computer: Asus
  • Backup Computer: Dell

Dance Floor Lightshow

Dance Floor Light Show: Ryan has both uplighting and interactive dance floor lights to help create an atmosphere to get people on the dance floor.

Purdue DJs for You!

If you are in the market for Purdue DJ, give us a call at 765-586-1368 for more information. If DJ Ryan isn’t the right DJ for you, please review the web pages of our other Purdue DJs, view their their profiles, and see for your self on which DJ maybe a match for your interests.[/raw]