DJ Brian

DJ Brian Kearnaghan is one of our Lafayette Indiana DJs who serves anyone in Central Indiana (including the Indianapolis Metro Area).  Brian founded the company in 1997 primarily as a Purdue college party DJ. He has DJ’d in Night Clubs, but primarily does the DJ and MC responsibility for weddings. View Brian’s DJ Equipment and Options

As a Wedding DJ and MC

As a Lafayette Indiana DJ, DJ Brian has averaged about 20 weddings each year since 1997 (over 360 and counting). In the beginning, it was rough for him simply because he didn’t yet have the experience.  However, over time, he became a well rounded DJ and MC who could correctly and professionally announce the bridal party to a great song, the proceed with announcing all formal activities after that. Brian feels that being dressed for the occasion is important.  You won’t see him wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt to a wedding reception (unless the bride and groom specifically request a dress-down atmosphere). If you would like have DJ Brian Kearnaghan do event, you may call 765-586-1368 or just request a quote online.

As a College Party DJ

Starting in 1997 in the infancy of the professional DJ business, DJ Brian mostly focused his marketing efforts on the Purdue student parties.  To this day, much of his business is still with Purdue Sororities (special thanks to the girls at Alpha Gamma Delta, Delta Gamma, and Alpha Xi Delta who have used my services continuously for years). Brian has averaged about 15 Purdue college parties per year (over 270 since the beginning).

As a Night Club DJ

In the late 1990s, DJ Brian began work when requested to DJ at some local Lafayette night clubs.  In 1999 through 2000, Brian was the main DJ at the Mirage (now out of business) and Saylers (close to Indiana Beach) in Monticello, IN. Stating in 2013, DJ Brian has worked, when called upon at the End Zone Sports Bar.  The End Zone definitely attracts more late night party people than any other venue in town on a Friday or Saturday night. Regardless, DJ Brian has managed to either maintain or increased the number of people coming in to party and dance. For night clubs, DJ Brian strives to achieve music diversity by playing a little bit of everything (which keeps everyone happy).  However, if the majority is a hip-hop type of crowd, no problem, he can go all out on that.  Or if it’s a majority cowboy hats and boots crowd, then he can concentrate on the best and latest country songs.

DJ Brian’s Autobiography

I first learned learned my DJ skills as a member of Theta Chi Fraternity at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN.  I am the owner of the company and work the business full time. In the Beginning After too many unsuccessfully attended parties with bad music without a DJ, I volunteered to DJ a party to see if I could make it better.  It did!  The girls we invited danced alot and stayed until the very last drop came out of the keg.  After that, I was unanimously elected the official house DJ and did so for two straight years. Although I graduated with a B.S. degree in Business Finance, being a DJ is my real passion. What I Like About Being a DJ  I love being at social events and I love making them a success.  I feel that the right kind of music for a specific type crowd is important.  Want all country music? I can do it right.  Want Hip Hop or Techno?  I can do that too.

DJ Brian's Equipment

Standard Audio Equipment

Brian’s Standard Audio Equipment

  • Speakers: Two 1000 Watt QSC K12 Powered Speakers – QSC is preferred by many high end DJ professionals and has great reviews by DJ’s across the country.
  • Microphones: One Shure SM-58 wired microphone and one Sennheiser EW-135 high end wireless microphone.  Sennheiser microphones are top-of-the-line and used by nationally know professional singers.
  • Digital Music Mixing Software: OTS-AV DJ Pro – OTS provides excellent transition between songs without a variation in volume.
  • Speaker Stands: TS-100B Ultimate Air-powered – Extends to various heights to provide for maximum sound quality based on venue logistics
  • Professional Mobile DJ Mixer: – Tascam X-15 – Hooks up to external audio sources (bands, videographer audio, etc.)
  • Computer: Dell Inspiron 5721 – 8GB RAM – 1/2 Terabyte Hard Drive
  • Backup Computer: Dell Latitude 610 – With all music and DJ Mixing Software in case of breakdown of primary computer.

Audio System Upgrade

Audio System Upgrade (optional) Subwoofer System: QSC KW181 Subwoofer with dedicated 1000 Watt Amp for additional power.  The QSC KW181 Subwoofer is a necessity for larger facilities to greatly increase sound quality at any volume.  It’s also recommended for those who like a powerful dance beat for any sized venue. Product Info and DJ Reviews

Uplighting (With Demo Video)

Beat Synchronized or Static Uplighting (optional) A very decorative lighting uplighting system that can be set on any color of your choice for dinner and slow songs.  Then, when it’s time for the party portion of the event they can be transformed with the push of a button into an awesome beat synchronized uplight show. Two or Four light fixtures are recommended depending on dance floor area size or venue logistics. View Manufacturer’s Video for Demonstration  

Dance Floor Lightshow (With Demo Videos)

Dance Floor Light Show: Consists of various lighting fixtures bolted on top of the speakers to provide for better venue aesthetics. These lights can be DMX operated by the DJ for better control of lighting patterns depending on the speed of the song. Best overall lights in this lightshow include:

  • Chauvet Swarm 5FX (qty 2)

  • American DJ Inno Pocket Spots (qty. 2)

Custom Monagram Projection (With Demo Image)

Would you like to have a fancy design of your initials or first names (along with your wedding date) projected on a wall at your reception’s venue? We can do that!  You can easily select the monagram design and have us take care of the rest. For more information on customized monagram logos, visit website.  Gobos start at $69 plus the rental cost of the projector.  The projection equipment will be provided and setup by the DJ. Wedding Monogram By DJ

Low Lying Fog Machine (With Demo Image)

Low Lying Fog Add low lying fog for a special song during your event. This special fog machine uses dry ice.  This option is an expensive option due to the cost of the ice alone and should only be used for one or two songs at the most. Availability is limited based on event date. Low Lying Fog For Wedding

If you are in the market for Lafayette Indiana DJs, give Brian a call to see if he is the right DJ for you. If he isn’t the right DJ for you, please review the web pages of our other Lafayette Indiana DJs and see if their profiles are a better match.[/raw]