Dance Lighting

People normally rate the DJ, but they rarely rate the DJ’s dance lighting equipment as having anything to do with the DJ’s performance.  We know it does. Why?  On average, our events with a lighting package tend to get a lot more dancing than ones that don’t. Weddings or parties with some really designed DJ lighting systems tend to look, feel, and appear give you a better overall party experience.

Also, you may not think it, but we find a good majority of people are kind of shy about dancing.  However, wide array of dance lighting helps people overcome that shyness a lot quicker than you might think (either that or some extra “liquid courage”). We offer various dance lighting packages to fit your budget and provide the most optimal coverage depending on the venue’s room size. Some of our clients like the uplighting look, others want the effects for the dance floor area, and some want everything.

Lighting Options

Three Lighting Packages to Consider

  1. Dance Floor Light Shows
  2. Uplighting (Great for Weddings)
  3. A combination of Both
Wedding Dance Floor Lightshow - DJ Indiana
Dance Floor Uplighting - DJ Indiana

Are All Dance Lighting Setups About The Same?

Absolutely not.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Any DJ can say they have a light show, but often times it’s no better than a stoplight changing from red, to yellow, to green (and if you’re lucky, you might get an orange light thrown in). Many DJ’s have only invested only a few hundred dollars in their light show. We’ve invested thousands. Our DJ lighting packages are something to seriously consider given that they are very affordable as compared things like chair covers, decorations, center pieces, and the like. Best of all, we’ll change the lighting theme and colors based on speed and type of music currently being played.  We know that lighting for a slow song is very much different than lighting for a fast dance song.  We also know that it’s distracting to have a bunch of fast moving (i.e. fast chase effects) lights during dinner or a slow dance song.  We will make it right.

Dance Lighting - DJ Indiana

DJ Lighting Intangibles

Most of our prospective clients do not investigate the intangibles of what one DJ may offer verses another. We know it’s probably not that high on many of our clients “must have” checklist, but the truth is, an awesome DJ light show can make the difference between a good party and a great party. Our lighting packages are sure to impress everyone from the pre-schoolers to the grand parents (and we do it without any blinding strobe-like effects). We can assure you that we offer much more than a red-green-yellow stop light or a $39 bedroom night stand party light (as pictured)

Dance Floor Lighting - DJ Indiana

Why We Encourage DJ Lighting Packages?

The lighting packages we offer only cover our investment.  Honestly, they don’t make us an extra money given the time and money we spend on them.  So why even bother?  We feel that a great lighting package gets us more referrals (they do). We like watching people have fun.  A great light show help us put on a much better overall performance. Again, it’s just an intangible that energizes the party and gets people more interested in dancing. If your budget can handle a little extra we promise it will be money well spent even if it means cutting the budget elsewhere.

Dance Floor Lighting - DJ Indiana

Dance Light Enhancing Haze

Our light show enhancing haze may or may not be your thing (and it is optional at no additional cost). We only add enough haze to enhance the lighting effects.  We don’t make the room look foggy or hazy.  We add just enough haze to create that old discotheque effect (and that’s all).  Note: some venues will prohibit the use of haze machines while others are ok with it in moderation.[/raw]