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Call Or Text

Call DJ Brian, Company President and DJ (Business Hours or Evenings till 10 PM) Northern Indiana & Lafayette: 765-586-1368 (call or text) Southern Indiana & Indy: 317-759-3548 (calls only)

Request Quote

Select the button and fill out the form (takes just a couple of minutes) Request Quote

Schedule a Meeting

Call, Text, or Send a Message with two or three proposed dates and times your can meet. We will pick one that works for us and can meet at our office or any mutually agreed upon location (Indianapolis and Lafayette area only).  Same day meeting requests honored whenever possible.

Schedule a Demo

We can’t have you come to someone else’s event while it’s taking place, but we can complete our setup 1 hour prior to the event start time and meet you at the venue.  We will demo the sound system and lighting systems (whereever used. This is by appointment only.  Select the button below to see if an upcoming event will meet your schedule. Upcoming Events

Payments And Security Deposits

Please send all security deposits and other payments to 117 S. Brookfield Dr. Lafayette, IN 47905 unless otherwise instructed. Deposit checks are to be written out to either “DJ Indiana” or “Brian Kearnaghan” (2nd method preferred if possible). Cash is preferred for final payments, but checks are ok too.  Remaining payments by check are to be written in the name of the DJ who is performing. Upon request, we can also invoice via PayPal with a 3% transaction fee added to it.

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