Cheap Indiana DJs

Cheap Indiana DJs – Pros and Cons

The number one reason a DJ gets the job is due to price.  Would you want these guys as your Cheap Indiana DJ (pictured above)?  This Isn’t DJ Indiana. To us, these DJs look like they just started a fire and everyone needs to evacuate the building.  Great for a wild frat party! But not for a wedding.

After the Cheap DJ experience, brides, grooms, and/or their families will leave their wedding wondering whether or not they should have decided against the covered chairs and sculptured ice statue.   

Let’s be honest, Cheap Sells. In fact, there is a DJ company called Cheap Indiana DJ.  A few of these budget DJs are not bad, but most of them are and they’ll scare everyone out of the venue starting with Grandma. Yes, with Cheap DJs, you do get what you pay for.

What About The Really Expensive DJs? 

On the other end of the spectrum you can also get those really high priced DJs too.  Let’s be real though, $2500 for a DJ?  That’s too much.  You’ll get a good DJ, but you’ll get diminishing returns in regards to a raised talent level above our talented DJs (if there is any at all).

Unless these high priced DJs are nationally known and make their own music (like the Chainsmokers, Tiesto, or Paul Oakenfold), that $2500 DJ will often times get you a DJ company with bloated overhead, lots of advertising, and a fancy “DJ Display Store”.  On top of that, you also get a well paid high- pressure salesperson who doesn’t even know how to DJ.  Do you really want that either?

How About The I-Pod?

Nobody wants their wedding ruined by an inexperienced DJ, so let’s replace it with an I-pod.  I-pods can’t drink, smoke, or cuss, but they are pretty good at leaving that 2 second gap of silence between each song it plays.  They can’t mess up using the microphone either.  Hmmm… I’ll have to think about that one when it’s time to announce the bridal party into the room.

The Affordable Alternative

If you live in Central Indiana and are looking for an affordable quality DJ, check it out. offers a FREE comprehensive Online Wedding Planner and Music Suggestion System. 

Shown below are pictures of other Cheap DJs that are not our DJs.  Enjoy! 

Cheap Indiana DJs

Cheap DJ With a Side Order of Wires

Cheap Wedding DJ Indiana

Cheap Wedding DJ Indiana

Cheap DJ

Cheap DJ Promoting Camel Filters

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