DJ Isaiah

DJ Isaiah currently resides in Carmel IN and is willing to perform, schedule permitting, anywhere in Central Indiana.  DJ Isaiah has over 6 years experience as a DJ. DJ Isaiah has an excellent work ethic truly cares about doing the best job possible for his clients.  DJ Isaiah has received lots of verifiable feedback from previous clients and can be provided upon request. View Isaiah's DJ Equipment and Options

As a Wedding DJ and MC

DJ Isaiah has done several weddings and parties for DJ Indiana over the last year and we highly recommend him as one of our best DJs.. Along with a completed wedding itinerary form and requests for special wedding songs, DJ Isaiah will be happy to meet with the bride and groom just prior to the wedding date to make sure all the details are worked out in advance. If you would like have DJ Isaiah do your event or just check his availability, you may call us at either 765-586-1368 or 317-759-3548. Or, just request a quote online.

As a Party DJ

DJ Isaiah has done several Fraternity and Sorority parties for Purdue students as an associate of DJ Indiana.  DJ Isaiah knows what is popular among those who are in their teens or of college age.

Whether it's in Carmel or another Indianapolis metropolitan community, DJ Isaiah may be available for your event. Give us a call at 765-586-1368 or 317-759-3548 for a detailed price quote or other information you may want. If DJ Isaiah isn't the right DJ for you, please review the web pages of our other Carmel and Central Indiana DJs.

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DJ Isaiah’s Standard Audio Equipment

Speakers: Microphones: Digital Music Mixing Software: Professional Mobile DJ Mixer: Computer: Backup Computer:[/karma_builder_accordion_panel][karma_builder_accordion_panel panel_active=”false” title=”Audio System Upgrade”]

DJ Isaiah’s Audio System Upgrade (optional)

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DJ Isaiah’s Uplighting

Equipment Description Coming Soon![/karma_builder_accordion_panel][karma_builder_accordion_panel panel_active=”false” title=”Dance Floor Light Show”]

DJ Isaiah’s Dance Floor Light Show

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